Physical Therapy

At Functional Health we believe that a physical therapist can help take care of patients in all phases of healing, from initial diagnosis through the restorative and preventive stages of recovery. Physical therapy may be a standalone option, or it may support other treatments. Some of our patients are referred to physical therapy by their doctor, but others seek therapy themselves. Patients often train with our physical therapist in exercises that they can do at home, to help them function more effectively.

What to Expect

When first arriving at your appointment you will meet with Dr. Ahmed, Functional Health’s Physical Therapist, you can expect to: 

  • Undergo a physical exam and evaluation, including a health history and certain testing procedures, including evaluation of posture, movement and flexibility, and of muscle and joint motion and performance. 
  • Functional Movement Screening and/or Selective Functional Movement Assessment
  • Receive a clinical diagnosis, prognosis, plan of care and short and long term goals
  • Receive physical therapy treatment and intervention based on the therapist’s evaluation and diagnosis
  • Receive self-management recommendations

Common Conditions 

Dr. Ahmed works closely with patients to create customized rehabilitation treatment plans for many injuries, including:

  • Arthritis and other chronic pain issues
  • Exercise-related or sports injuries
  • Overuse and overtraining injuries
  • Concussions
  • Back pain
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation, including joint replacement surgery
  • Reconditioning after illness
  • Spine, shoulder, elbow, ankle, foot, hip and knee ailments

Benefits of Physical Therapy

  • Pain management with reduced need for opioids
  • Avoiding surgery
  • Improved mobility and movement
  • Recovery from injury or trauma
  • Recovery from stroke or paralysis
  • Fall prevention
  • Improved balance
  • Management of age-related medical problems


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