Why Us?

Here at Functional Health we believe that medications are necessary on occasion to handle acute syndromes but are not a solution for long term health management. Just as every action has a reaction, every bad health choice will manifest itself at some point in the future.

Creating and sustaining optimal and functional health here in Somerville New Jersey is the primary goal we have for our patients and community.

Whether you are in search of correcting an area of discomfort or simply wish to reach elsewhere in your personal health goals, we are here as your highly trained health professionals to help you plan a path to whole body functional health.

We believe that what was once good for you is still good for you: exercising and eating healthy. While we are known for our Chiropractic services, we also have a skilled staff of a physical therapist, acupuncturist, and massage therapists.

Each service, while enjoyable on its own, is enhanced and complemented by the other.
No matter your level of health or the particular path you plan to set out on, we have the service to fit your needs.

We pride ourselves in providing you with excellent health professionals, who are both knowledgeable and personable. They set out to not only treat you, but to educate you throughout the duration of your time with us.

We see it all and fix it all! Teaching preventative maintenance and wellness programs lead to healthy decisions and lifestyles and results in reducing costs associated with illness and injury.

Conveniently located off Main Street in Somerville we are easy to find and worth the visit! To start your journey to true functional health, call our office or request an appointment online..

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